Indiya offers a classical menu that celebrates a rich heritage, serving century-old recipes and dishes that are unique and well thought out for our guest's palate. Join us for a meal, and take a gastronomic journey through an extraordinary and diverse exotic history of many different cultures fused with the flavours, nuances and exceptional tastes of historic palaces, bedouin tribes and gourmet homes across India. The food is mouthwatering; gloriously spiced locally sourced ingredients, authentic in flavour and cooked to perfection by uncompromising puritans.


£32 per head (for 6 or more people)

A unique approach to dining and a wonderful experience. We invite you to eat like a Maharajah, or at least like a special guest invited over for banquet with our tantalising spread that has been carefully selected by Indiya's Head Chef.  Unlike the A La-Carte Menu, these dishes are to share, some unique and not on the menu. 

Order a Chef’s Selection, discuss any dietary requirements beforehand, and let us choose for you while you get lost in your favourite dinner table debate. Let the conversation run wild over some  crispy popadoms, tangy chutneys and a bottle of Beaujolais while the Head Chef selects what they think you would find mouthwatering, be surprised by, and enjoy. 

Bring back the element of surprise. 

*This is not the complete drinks and wine list as seasonally we may add more drinks and cocktails, as also availability of wines may change*